Group Captive Health Benefits Programs

The alternative risk transfer tool many big companies use to control health insurance costs is called a captive – an insurance company that provides insurance to, and is controlled by, its owners.

The captive model has now been adapted to fit the needs of mid-market companies and organizations, by putting businesses together in group captives. In Massachusetts and New Hampshire, the market leader in the design, development and management of group captive programs is the offering from Clark & Lavey trademarked under the name InCap.

InCap group captives are a proven solution to mounting employee health insurance costs.

The benefits of participation in an InCap group captive employee health insurance program include:

  • Control of your plan's benefits design
  • Avoidance of unanticipated rate increases
  • Data, cost and communications transparency
  • No burdensome plan negotiation and marketing
  • Pooling of claims to control volatility and cash flow
  • Retention of underwriting profit and investment income

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InCap group captive program design is simple and straightforward. If you're a CEO, CFO, President, Director or C-Level head of HR at a company, organization, group or association that employs than 50 or more people, InCap group captives are worth a closer look.

Business owners and HR professionals from all across New England are lining up to take a closer look at our 5+ years of proven InCap group captive success.
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