Group Captive Solutions for Mid-Market Ogranizations

Group captive programs from InCap serve all types of mid-market organizations including for-profit companies, non-profits, groups and associations. Each of these markets, and sub-groups within them, has unique requirements that InCap addresses by tailoring every program to participants' specific needs.

A sampling of the market segments InCap is actively engaging in development of group captive programs includes:

  • Non-Profits
  • Manufacturing
  • Legal & Accounting
  • Community Services
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Senior & Elder Care Facilities
  • Construction & Development
  • Restaurant & Hospitality
  • Leisure & Entertainment
  • Transportation Logistics
  • Trade Associations
  • Franchise Groups
  • Communications
  • Real Estate
  • Automotive
  • High Tech
  • Education
  • Retail

In most cases, organizations of the same or similar business sectors and/or with similar risk profiles are the best candidates for participation in a group captive. Most InCap participants are also in geographic proximity to each other.

Though operating primarily in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, InCap serves group captive participants nationwide. If your organization perceives the benefits of group captives ahead of similar organizations in your area, inclusion in an established group based on sector and risk similarity is another option.

Mid-Market Companies
Why do 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies self-insure? Because captives allow them to…

  • Negotiate better benefits and more specialized services
  • Transparently access their cost and claims data
  • Manage volatility and cash flow
  • Control risk factors
  • Education
  • Retain underwriting profit and investment income

In Cap can quickly put your company or organization on the same employee benefits savings track much larger companies have been on for years.

Your InCap partners do the work of:

  • Aligning you with other appropriate companies
  • Designing and developing your group captive program
  • Designing and developing your group captive program
  • Managing your program and tracking data for all members of your group

In most cases, all you need is a census of 50 lives or more, and a willingness to start controlling the variables that have been spinning your employee healthcare costs out of control. The group captive professionals from InCap take care of the hard parts!

Many InCap non-profit group captive participants are human services organizations focused on underserved populations, children and seniors. Others are engaged in traditional and specialized healthcare, education, mental health services, and a range of other activities.

Examples of non-profit organizations that may benefit from participation in an InCap group captive include:

  • Children's Services
  • Behavioral Health Centers
  • Transitional Housing Facilities
  • Senior / Assisted Living Facilities
  • Visiting Nurse Associations
  • Adult Learning Centers
  • Faith-Based Charities
  • Veterans Services
  • Hospice Facilities
  • Food Pantries
  • YMCAs

InCap already has an established non-profit group, operating efficiently and with excellent financial results.

Associations & Groups
Associations or groups require a unique approach to employee health insurance. Development, organizational and risk sharing challenges are just a few of the intricacies of an association group captive program.

InCap program and captive services fully address concerns in areas such as:

  • Coverage Design
  • Program Accounting
  • Captive Management
  • Claims & Loss Control
  • Policy Administration
  • Reinsurance
  • Regulations

Favorable outcomes is important and best achieved when working with an organization that has done it before, with proven successes. For associations and groups, InCap delivers.

Healthcare Organizations
As is the case in the traditional insurance market, healthcare organizations present challenges not seen in other business sectors. We know, because InCap partners have managed employee health benefits for hospitals, physician and dental practices, assisted living facilities, and other healthcare operations for more than two decades.

Small ones. Big ones. Really big ones. All of them are different, but all healthcare organizations have specific challenges in common:

  • Health care workers have a higher exposure to communicable illnesses, and therefore a greater risk of contraction
  • Healthcare employees have a tendency toward greater utilization of health care services than do other types of businesses
  • Healthcare workers have a higher-than-average rate of depression and a greater need for a properly implemented EAP

Hospitals, especially in concert with other healthcare organizations, also have singular opportunities to realize substantial savings in their employee benefits structures, through a group captive program.

An InCap group captive can help healthcare organization participants realize substantial savings in several ways, including:

  • Reducing cost through development of an integrated health model, Pharmacy Benefits Management, cost-effective claims payment and cash flow improvements, eligibility audits and PHM
  • Driving revenue through development of a steerage model that employs linkage benefits and encourages use of participant facilities
  • Increasing productivity through the captive's wellness strategy, instituting a comprehensive EAP, and restructuring disability programs
  • Utilizing the captive's transparent reporting and predictive modeling to identify trends and costs, determine where areas of improvement exist, and implement strategies that achieve desired long-term results

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