Clark & Lavey believes that disclosure regarding our sources of income is critical to maintaining the confidence of our clients. Clark & Lavey Benefits Solutions, Inc. earns revenue in several forms. Remuneration may be received as commissions paid by an insurer for a risk/policy; fees paid by a client for services; investment income on premiums; fees paid by a client for performance, technical, or other services rendered. In addition, Clark & Lavey receives contingent commissions. Contingent commissions are not paid to Clark & Lavey on a policy-by-policy basis, but on the aggregate portfolio of policies for the insurer written by Clark & Lavey. Many insurance companies and service providers offer additional compensation incentives that are earned as a result of our preferred relationship and overall performance of our combined book of business, sales, retention and other factors. Clark & Lavey makes all recommendations to its clients based on the benefits, services, technological applications, rates, and other factors as they relate to the specific proposal that the insurance carriers provide for our clients' groups. We believe that any such preferred relationships that we may have established, provides improved services, underwriting concessions, and long term product stability for our clients. If you have any questions regarding the nature of the compensation please contact your Corporate Benefits Specialist at Clark & Lavey.

Paul Clark Recognized for Service to the NHLRA