Annual Employee Benefits Analysis

Since we do our utmost to tailor services to match each client’s specific needs, several months before your insurance plans are up for renewal your broker will meet with you to review:

  • Your current census and business climate
  • Recent trends that may have a bearing on your employee benefits
  • Changes you’d like in the upcoming year

As a standard service, Clark & Lavey performs a review that includes:

  • Detailed analysis of your company’s needs
  • Thorough evaluation of every carrier’s product offerings and service capabilities as they bear on your company’s needs
  • Thorough determination of every carrier’s ability to provide claims experience and/or loss ratio information pertaining to the use of their plans
  • Careful cost analysis of plans
  • Thorough determination of multiple-year contract availability
  • Full assessment of carrier service guarantees, with financial penalties in place for not meeting baseline standards
  • Comprehensive assessment of your carriers’ enrollment and service capabilities
  • Complete evaluation of your carriers’ online capabilities

Upon completion, we present you with a thorough and complete summary of benefits plan options, financials, and general suggestions for your consideration. We then provide you with a written plan of action for your review, before we take any further steps, so that we both may proceed with a fully agreed-upon course of action.