InCap Participants Receive (another) Distribution of Profits

group captives

InCap®, our proprietary solution for proactively managing and reducing health premium costs through a group medical captive, delivers again. Members participating in one of Roundstone Insurance’s captives, our captive partner, collectively received a distribution of $685,000 for 2018. The total distribution for the captive topped a whopping $7,226,383.

Launched in 2013, InCap has an established history of savings for clients. To date, clients have saved more than $33.6 million dollars vs. fully-insured premium costs. Typical savings in the first year alone average 12% – 15%. The InCap Solution, leverages the experienced teams of Clark & Lavey and Roundstone Insurance, providing proven strategies and actionable opportunities for long-term savings.

Medical captives are a proven solution for mid-sized (50 – 1000) employers across a variety of industries as well as non-profit and not-for-profit organizations. To see if your company could benefit from a captive, contact us today!