Prescription for Savings

According to the Kaiser Foundation, after a period of slow growth, prescription drug prices have increased at an alarming pace.  More and more, people  are struggling to pay for the medications they need. While you might think that the higher costs are due to research or new drugs being brought to market, that is not the case. More money was spent last year on advertising than research, and higher drug costs have been attributed to generic and older drugs that have been on the market for a while.

Whatever the reason, for employers and employees alike, the higher costs create yet another pain point. But if you think you have to accept higher costs as the status quo, think again. There are strategies and solutions that work.  Clients who have implemented our recommendations with a Pharmacy Management Benefit Solutions have seen the results. The latest quarter released resulted in clients receiving rebate checks from $4,370 to more than $39,697, and the plan covered drugs prescribed at costs lower to their employees than before the implementation of the program.

If you’d like to learn more about our Pharmacy Benefit Management solutions, or whether your organization could benefit from our analysis vs. your current plan, contact us.