The Inaugural Launch of HRx is in the Books

The recent airing of The Secret Sauce for Success with the C-Suite, marked the conclusion of our first year’s series of  HRx Webcasts.  Designed for HR and business professionals, HRx topics inform, educate and address current trends that impact every organization. Below are the programs provided in 2019. All of the programs are available for viewing by clicking on the links below.

The Straight Dope on Compliance and Recreational Marijuana 

With the recent addition of Michigan, eleven states now permit the use of recreational marijuana and another thirty-three allow for use in varying circumstances. While that has probably made a lot of people happy, it has also presented significant challenges for businesses. Considerations for drug-testing, company policies and compliance are just a few of the areas discussed by Attorney Chris Feudo of Boston law firm, Foley Hoag. This webcast can be viewed HERE.

Not the Status Quo for Recruitment & Retention

In 2019 recruitment and retention has been a consistent topic of discussion. And with good reason. The unemployment rate has been at record lows, the results of which have made it exceptionally  difficult to recruit and retain top talent. Topics discussed during this program included:

  • Current trends in recruiting
  • New channels and technologies used
  • Marketing your recruitment efforts
  • The benefits proposition for a multi-generational workforce were all hot topics in this program.

Presenters Lori Martinez and Armando Llorente shared effective ways to elevate your recruitment and retention strategies.  You can view the webcast HERE.

Optimizing the employee Experience

According to Gallup, poor workplace experience and toxic workplace cultures contribute to only 33% of American workers being engaged, 52% admit to just showing up, and 17% describe themselves as actively disengaged.

This webcast, presented by Dr. Peter Langton, renown Organizational Psychologist and Executive Vice President of Human Resources, addressed the strategies for unlocking the potential of your workforce. Click HERE to view this webcast.

The Secret Sauce for Success with the C-Suite 

Even the most seasoned HR professionals can struggle when dealing with senior leadership. Their reports are spot on, the metrics stellar, but delivering the message and guiding leadership to solid decisions to best serve the organization can be challenging. Mike Lindstrom – author, national speaker, consultant and business coach shared strategies, techniques and actionable insights for achieving the desired outcomes for you and your organization. This webcast can be viewed HERE.

Stay tuned for information on HRx 2020.