Upcoming Webinar: Funding Solutions for CFOs

captives as a funding solution webinar

Earlier this year, Strategic Finance Magazine reported that the cost of benefits ranks #3 in the top 5 concerns for United States Businesses – behind attracting & retaining talent, and government policies. Economic uncertainty and rising wages & salaries rounded out the top 5.

If you’re a CFO, you’re well aware that while benefits traditionally are the responsibility of human resources – funding them falls to you. And, the impact to your bottom line can impede business priorities and ultimately restrict growth. While you may entertain the thought of cutting benefits to absorb increases, there are other solutions that can reduce benefit costs without compromising on benefit quality.

At Clark & Lavey, we are committed to providing the benefits solutions that best fit your business. We also believe it is important for you to be educated and informed on all the options available, which is why we are hosting a webinar- specifically designed for CFOs.

In this webinar on August 21, we will discuss employee benefits and focus on Captives as a funding solution that can positively impact your bottom line. The InCap Solution, is a medical captive program developed to help employers effectively manage and control health insurance premium spending.

Medical captive programs are a self-insured solution developed to help employers effectively manage and control health insurance premium spending. Our clients typically experience an average of 15-20% savings in their first year with InCap®, our proprietary captive solution. Plus, medical captives provide an employer control over their plan’s design, and gain actionable insight from analytics for ongoing cost containment. We’ll explore the following points in this webinar:

• A brief overview of self-funding.
• How claims and analytics works and how it is used.
• Why a Captive and how it works.
• Risk mitigation.
• Control.

If you’re interested in joining us for this important and informative webinar, register here! We look forward to having you with us. If you have additional questions about Captive solutions or InCap®, please do not hesitate to contact us.