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Clark & Lavey – Your Trusted Captive Health Insurance Advisor

If you are considering a group health Captive, it is important to do your research before committing. Evaluate both the brokerage firm and your potential advisor before making your decision. You will find that not every benefit advisor has experience with managing Captives and not every firm will be transparent with their fees and policies. You need a firm you can trust to communicate frequently and effectively, especially when dealing with the sensitive matter of employee benefits.

Clark & Lavey has years of experience with Captives and a proven record of success. InCap®, our group health captive, is an unmatched solution to escalating health premium costs, and offers many benefits to participating companies, including:

  • Control of your plan’s benefits design
  • Avoidance of unanticipated rate increases
  • Data, cost, and communications transparency
  • No burdensome plan negotiation
  • Pooling of claims to control volatility and cash flow
  • Retention of underwriting profit and investment income

The Clark & Lavey team services clients in all major market segments. Our experienced team of licensed benefits advisors, account managers, representatives, and support staff work hard to provide optimal group benefit solutions that meet your goals and needs. That’s why we have been long-time partners with both Benefit Advisors Network, a national consortium of independent benefit advisory and consulting firms, and Roundstone Insurance. Roundstone is a Captive management leader whose reputation and level of transparency is beyond reproach. These partnerships provide us access to a wide range of legal compliance, human resources, and industry expertise. By leveraging these resources, we provide the best of all worlds: local, personal service, and the national resources of much larger firms.

If you’re in need of a new solution for your employee benefits costs, it’s time to reach out. With all the resources available to you through Clark & Lavey and our partnerships, why wait? Contact us today!