The Straight Dope on Compliance and Recreational Marijuana

The landscape for recreational use of marijuana is changing rapidly. The legal use of recreational marijuana is no longer a pipe dream. Marijuana has been legalized for recreational use in ten states, and thirty-three allow for use in varying circumstances.

If you are the Human Resources Leader, Operations Director or a President of a company who subscribes to a Drug-Free Workplace, and your state’s law permits the recreational drag, what do you do with your work-place policies? For example, how do you manage the employee who had a work place accident, was tested for cause, found to be under the influence of marijuana and disciplined with a written warning? Or, a new hire did not pass the pre-employment drug test. Now what?

Let’s clear the smoke as we rollout HRx, the new format for our renown HR Boot Camp, and provide key answers on this heavy dope. Join Us Thursday, March 7th, as Attorney Chris Feudo of Boston law firm, Foley Hoag, discusses this complex topic. Register at our News and Events page.