Is Your Broker Just Phoning It In?

You wouldn’t buy a new car without comparing all the models and determining which has the best gas mileage, or the most appeal. And when buying that car, you’ve checked, and re-checked, and taken multiple test drives, as well as compared best financing rates.

Think about this: according to The Kaiser Foundation, the average family plan benefit coverage has topped more than $20,000 a year – more than the price of a no-frills compact car.  Why, then, when it comes to benefit plans is it okay to accept the status quo? Is it because a 5% increase doesn’t seem so bad?

Several years back, a new client told us that she was surprised by the attention to detail, options, and explanations she received from Clark & Lavey prior to making a decision about her benefit options. Her previous broker, she explained, would call her in the fall and let her know that she would be receiving her renewal in the upcoming weeks, and if she had any questions, to be sure to reach out. She did call, and he would answer her questions–but she often felt that she needed to make sure she remembered to ask all the “right” questions.

Here’s the thing: no one should worry about having to ask the right questions.  Renewal time can be difficult, there are important decisions to make–plan designs, cost-sharing, implementation and open enrollment can be challenging. Making sure your employees are educated about their benefit plan offerings is a big undertaking.

Clark & Lavey is here to help you, and we don’t phone it in. You’re making a decision that should be as thoughtful as buying that new car, and we won’t let you go uninformed. Whether you’re in a fully-insured or self-insured plan, we will offer advice that explains everything, so you can make that decision with confidence. Give us a call at 603.883.3773 or contact us online.